Beras Toba

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Mengutip Tribun Travel, Danau Toba terbentuk akibat letusan dahsyat Gunung Toba yang meletus sekitar 74.000 tahun yang lalu

Pesan Sekarang :

For instance, while in Dairi district, tourists can make a trip to Tao Silalahi, which is the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba.

The Tao Silalahi attraction, which is located near Lake Toba, specifically in Silahisabung sub-district, offers a host of nature tourism activities.

Here, besides being able to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Toba, visitors can opt for tourism facilities provided by local tour operators and choose from a range of activities -- from camping, lounging, to swimming.

In addition, tourists can also go around the lake on boats provided by some local tour agents.